National Film Society’s web series: Awesome Asian Bad Guys

Glad to see their Kickstarter campaign got funded!

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Awesome Asian Bad Guys Vs. Non-Awesome Asian Bad Guys

National Film Society’s Patrick Mendoza Epino and Stephen Dypiangco embark on their first action-comedy web series, Awesome Asian Bad Guys. Asia Pacific Arts talks to the duo about subverting expectations and the ever-evolving challenges that emerging filmmakers have to tackle to be competitive in the new media age.

by Ada Tseng

Hey, I’m Patrick. Hey, I’m Stephen. We’re the National Film Society.

If you are familiar with the Film Society of Lincoln Center, you might expect to find a premier film organization that hosts high-class galas honoring extremely talented white people and Sidney Poitier. This National Film Society, in contrast, features two fresh-faced, well-lit 30-something Filipino American filmmakers, staring at you through your computer. In Patrick Mendoza Epino and Stephen Dypiangco’s snappy 2-3 minute comedy videos that have been gaining a loyal YouTube following since debuting in September 2011, they are typically sitting side by side — or surrounding an often-disinterested interviewee who’s not sure how he or she got roped into participating in these shenanigans in the first place.

National Film Society with actress Michelle Krusiec.

Each week, Epino and Dypiangco consult thespian friends for acting tips (how does comedy work?), share their knowledge about film technology (low budget sound effects), and engage in brainy debates (Manny Pacquiao vs. Batman?). Their videos are filmed in the style of Vlogs, but instead of using webcams, these film school graduates — Epino from SF State, Dypiangco from NYU, as we learn from their debut video “Film School or No Film School?” – use a DSLR camera to professionally capture their awkward pauses, their bromantic water fights, and the 1st annual National Film Society Awards show that took place in Dypiangco’s apartment, in front of a window, where most their videos are shot.

To read the rest, go to Asia Pacific Arts.


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