Interview with Director Ron Morales (Graceland)

Kidnapping Gone Wrong: Interview with Graceland director Ron Morales

Morales’ gripping thriller begins when a politician’s chauffeur’s car gets ambushed, and kidnappers targeting the politician’s daughter for ransom take the driver’s daughter instead.

One way to get an actor ready to play a devastated father willing to do anything to get his kidnapped daughter back is to deprive him of sleep.

Director Ron Morales’ second feature film Graceland was shot in the Philippines in a little over two weeks, and because of the time restraint, the cast and crew worked up to 22-hour days, often shooting at night and napping when the sun was up. Lead actor Arnold Reyes was in almost every scene.

“Every time the makeup artist put makeup on him, I’d tell him to wash his face and run around until he was all sweaty again,” Morales says, laughing.

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