Happy Valentine’s Day with LA Weekly’s Couples Issue: Randall Park and Jae Suh

Jae Suh and Randall Park, photographed at the Ricardo Montalban Theater - PHOTO BY STAR FOREMAN

Randall and Jae Suh Park: Baby Makes Three

by Ada Tseng for LA Weekly’s 2014 Couples Issue

Spending an afternoon with Korean-American actors Randall Park and Jae Suh Park in their San Fernando Valley home means falling in love with the new ruler of their household: 21-month-old Ruby. Dressed in a pastel pink-and-white striped jumpsuit, she quietly leads the pair from the family room (where she flips through her picture books), to her playroom (where she rocks the keyboard while using her drum as a stool), and finally to the master bedroom, where, snuggled in between two pillows twice the size of her body, she entertains herself by clicking through YouTube videos on Jae’s tablet. (“She once flagged a kid’s video for adult content,” Jae says.)

Ruby recently starred as a crime-fighting baby alongside her parents in the comedy web series Baby Mentalist, written by her dad as the Parks were first emerging from the daze of new parenthood. Produced for Channel 101, a monthly shorts festival at the Downtown Independent where a live audience votes for popular pilots to continue, Baby Mentalist was voted forward for six months straight, capturing Ruby’s progression from smiley baby to walking toddler.

Randall and Jae are both professional working actors  –  a Culver City native, he’s known as Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ political nemesis on Veep, while his Korean-born, Lodi-raised wife has won guest spots on everything from NCIS: Los Angeles to How I Met Your Mother. They also create their own material, both as regulars at Channel 101 and as members of various Asian-American theater groups.

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