APA Top Ten: Jeremy Lin Biopic Ideas (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 3/2/12)
Last week, we challenged APA readers to tell us who you thought should play Jeremy Lin in his inevitable biopic. Using your suggestions, here are some ideas you’re all free to pitch to various visionary producers.

In The Family Trajectory (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 5/4/12)
The ambitious journey of Patrick Wang’s award-winning debut film involves countless individuals underestimating the project, the majority of them not giving it a chance, and a small but essential (and growing) percentage of supporters that insist it must live to breathe another day.

A Range of Possibilities: Literary Showcase of Asian Diasporic Voices (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 3/30/12)
On April 2-3, USC celebrates Kaya Press with a three-part literary event that includes readings from writers Brian Castro, Sia Figiel, and Shailja Patel — as well as panels and workshops led by the speakers.

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Awesome Asian Bad Guys Vs. Non-Awesome Asian Bad Guys (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 10/7/12)
National Film Society’s Patrick Mendoza Epino and Stephen Dypiangco embark on their first action-comedy web series, Awesome Asian Bad Guys. Asia Pacific Arts talks to the duo about subverting expectations and the ever-evolving challenges that emerging filmmakers have to tackle to be competitive in the new media age.

The Good Ol’ Salad Days (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 5/11/12)
A film about young adults just out of college (made by young adults recently out of film school), Salad Days is a three-director-helmed experiment about Asian American kids goofing off, stalking each other online, and embarking on the eternal search for Wi-Fi.

APA Challenge: Top Contenders to Play Jeremy Lin in the Inevitable Biopic (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 2/23/12)
Who do YOU think would make the best Jeremy Lin in the future movie about his rise to fame? APA managing editor Ada Tseng shares her top pick — Taiwanese Canadian actor Godfrey Gao – for these 10 reasons below.

Best of 2011: Asian American Films (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 1/3/12)
APA counts down an impressive year of ambitious narrative films made by Asian American directors.

Best of 2010: Asian American Films (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 12/29/10)
Quality trumped quantity for Asian American cinema in 2010. APA counts down the year’s top five fiction films and documentaries made by Asian American directors.

Best of 2010: Notable Asian American Reality TV Competitors (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 12/29/10)
This year, Kat Chang was part of the first all-female team to win The Amazing Race, Poreotics claimed the latest America’s Best Dance Crew title, and Aarti Sequeria started her own party as Next Food Network Star.

Interpreting Interpretations (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 10/20/10)
Asia Pacific Arts picks our ten favorite short films submitted to Interpretations, Justin Lin and YOMYOMF’s initiative to showcase new blood in Asian American cinema.

Models, Music and Mingling: Audrey’s Night Out 2010 (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 9/24/10)
Audrey Magazine hosted a fashion show displaying clothing by Asian American designers such as MIK IMIK, Yumi Kim, Jenny Han, CC Couture, Fleur’t, and Disaya.

APA Top Ten: Shah Rukh Khan Moves (Lessons On Life and Love) (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 2/12/10)
To celebrate the Valentine’s Day weekend release of My Name is Khan — and the much-anticipated reunion of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol — APA dedicates our latest top ten to the man who defines Love.

APA Top Ten: Hot Asian Actors Hollywood Doesn’t Yet Realize It Needs (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 5/1/09)
On the occasion of Daniel Henney’s debut on the Hollywood summer blockbuster scene, APA counts down the top ten Asian actors who were born to seduce American audiences.

Best of 2008: Asian American Films (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 1/2/09)
APA recaps the year in Asian American cinema with its third annual top ten.

Best of 2008: Bollywood Musical Numbers (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 12/26/08)
Even when the films don’t live up to audience expectations, we can always count on the quality of the musical numbers, when composers like A.R. Rahman, Vishal-Sekhar and Pritam are in charge. Here are ten favorites of 2008.

Report from Bangkok: Khan Kluay 2 and Sassy Players (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 5/1/09)
Instead of exploring the reasons behind Bangkok’s state of emergency, APA’s traveling managing editor decided to hide in a movie theater and be reminded of why “Thais must support Thais.”

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