A Heejun State of Mind  (published in KoreAm Journal; 7/10/12)
The singer may have been voted off American Idol, but he explains why his cup, full of colorful hues, runneth over.


Global Experiment: Hrithik Roshan Romances America (and Barbara Mori) in Kites (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 5/21/10)
One step closer to achieving a global market for Hindi film, Kites traverses multiple languages and countries and even ends up with two versions: one the original director’s cut by Anurag Basu and a “remixed” international cut by Brett Ratner.

Showing His Funny Side (published in KoreAm Journal; 6/11/12)
Daniel Henney gets a chance to test his comedic skills in Shanghai Calling, a film that personally resonated with the Korean American actor.


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American Man, 60, Seeks Chinese Bride (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 12/13/2012)
Lum’s documentary Seeking Asian Female began as an exposé on American men with Asian fetishes — and grew into a complicated love story about the challenges of cross-cultural marriage.

Replenishing the Missing Darkness with Rachael Yamagata (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 12/6/2012)
In case you were worried Rachael Yamagata’s recent music was getting too happy, the singer/songwriter releases her new EP Heavyweight — featuring piano ballads about weights to bear, your ex’s new girlfriend, and that person in your bed you don’t really care about.

Musical Mantras: Interview with Pranidhi Varshney (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 11/22/2012)
After years of letting acting take a front seat in her career, it was her yoga practice that led Pranidhi Varshney back to her musical roots — with her first album release, Pranidhana- The Mantra Project.

Moteki Strikes!: interview with actress Masami Nagasawa (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 8/9/12)
Before the New York Asian Film Festival screening of her latest film Love Strikes! (Moteki), Masami Nagasawa talks about her she-devil character and her belief that young men and women in Japan could use some more confidence in the love department.

Five Questions with Yes, We’re Open director Richard Wong (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 3/14/12)
A teaser to APA’s “real” coverage of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival — which continues in San Jose until March 18.

Love Unspoken: Sun Sisters Interview with Vasanti Saxena and Momo Yashima (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 9/23/11)
Playwright Vasanti Saxena and actress Momo Yashima talk to Asia Pacific Arts about Sun Sisters’ portrayal of mothers, butch lesbians, and Chinese superstitions.

Condemned Heart: Interview with Maximillian Davis and Samonte Cruz (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 8/31/11)
Heart Breaks Open, a film by Billie Rain and Basil Shadid, follows a modern-day character named Jesus, who has to come to terms with a mistake that has left him HIV-positive.

Serious, Fresh, and a Little Bad Ass: Interview with Dumbo Nguyen of Poreotics (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 6/16/11)
Matt “Dumbo” Nguyen talks to Asia Pacific Arts about needing security for their mall tour in the Philippines, working with Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, and why he doesn’t envision Poreotics having a show in Vegas any time soon.

Nerves of Steel: interview with Mason Lee (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 5/19/11)
Actor Mason Lee (son of Ang) makes his feature film debut in one of the most anticipated sequels of this year: Hangover Part II.

Just Can’t Get Enough: Interview with Kenton Chen (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 4/8/11)
After gaining some mainstream fame on The Sing-Off with his a capella group The Backbeats, singer/songwriter Kenton Chen goes solo, opening for Ben Folds in a series of concerts this April.

Personalizing the Politics: An Interview with D’Lo (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 4/4/11)
At USC’s “State of the Word: Asian American Spoken-Word Artists,” D’Lo performed monologues and stand-up about growing up Sri Lankan in Lancaster, CA and slowly being accepted as transgender by his parents.

Secrets Behind The North Pool: Interview with actor Adam Poss (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 3/28/11)
In Rajiv Joseph’s The North Pool, Adam Poss plays Khadim, a Middle Eastern high school student suspected of a crime.

Psychology of Violence: interview with I Saw the Devil director Kim Jee-woon (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 3/7/11)
Director Kim Jee-woon talks about pitting two of Korea’s most intense personas, actors Lee Byung-hun and Choi Min-sik, against each other in his brutal catch-and-release thriller.

Multimedia Cityscape: interview with Dhobi Ghat’s Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 1/21/11)
Wife-husband creative team, Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan, talk about music, art, and acting in Rao’s debut film, Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries).

Starting up a Bran Nue Dae: interview with director Rachel Perkins (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 9/11/10)
The film adaptation of Jimmy Chi’s popular Australian Aboriginal musical began its limited American release on September 10.

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