Easy, Breezy Love: Interview with Almost Perfect’s Ivan Shaw (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 9/19/12)
Ivan Shaw talks to Asia Pacific Arts about making Kelly Hu laugh, out-dancing the grip, and playing a knight in shining armor.

Answers in War: interview with the cast and crew of No-No Boy (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 4/02/10)
The stage adaptation of John Okada’s No-No Boy, written by Ken Narasaki and directed by Alberto Isaac, plays in Santa Monica, California from March 26 to April 18.

Interview with writer Shubha Venugopal (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 2/11/10)
On the occasion of her New Short Fiction Series reading, APA talks to Shubha Venugopal about the ways that pregnancy, nature, and mythology inspire her writing.

Lost and Brooding: an interview with Ocean of Pearls actor Omid Abtahi (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 12/23/09)
In Sarab Singh Neelam’s debut feature Ocean of Pearls, Omid Abtahi plays Amrit Singh, a Sikh Canadian surgeon working at a Detroit hospital.

Interview with Ocean of Pearls director Sarab Singh Neelam (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 12/23/09)
Ocean of Pearls was a decade-long passion project from a first-time Sikh director, who was juggling his medical practice with his emerging film career.

And the winner is… ME! (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 7/31/09)
Charlyne Yi’s latest film Paper Heart gives mainstream America a chance to fall in love with Yi’s sense of humor — a emotional roller coaster ride that keeps us guessing.

The Gift of Bai Ling (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 6/5/09)
Some may argue that Bai Ling is overexposed. But please, try to see it from her perspective.

SFIAAFF 2009: An interview with Dirty Hands director Harry Kim (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 4/17/09)
Asia Pacific Arts talks to director Harry Kim at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, where his debut film Dirty Hands: the Life and Crimes of David Choe won a special jury prize.

Crafting Interiors (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 3/6/09)
Actress Ayako Fujitani talks to Asia Pacific Arts about working with Michel Gondry in “Interior Design,” his entry to the film Tokyo!.

The Reincarnation of Akshay Kumar (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 1/23/09)
To provide the backstory for Chandni Chowk to China, Akshay Kumar revisited his personal journey from Bangkok chef to Bollywood superstar — and destiny brought him to his idol, Mr. Gordon Liu.

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