Asia Pacific Arts Presents: A Celebration of Asian American Soul
Asia Pacific Arts’ event featured performances by Judith Hill (from Michael Jackson’s This is It), singer/songwriter Dawen, hip hop producer Trebles and Blues — and DJ O-Dub and DJ Phatrick spinning sets around the musical acts.
(APA Interview with Judith Hill)

Shanghai Calling red carpet (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 5/14/12 )
Article: APA Investigates: How Is Daniel Henney So Hot?
At the Shanghai Calling red carpet of the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, Asia Pacific Arts asks the real question on everybody’s minds when they see the film’s star in person. Or on TV, movies, commercials, and billboards. Anywhere, really.

Aamir Khan (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 8/13/10 )
Article: Bringing Peepli into Our Lives: an interview with Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan attempts to engage mainstream audiences with a non-mainstream Indian film — through his latest producing effort Peepli Live, a satire written and directed by Anusha Rizvi. 

Instant Noodles Crew (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 1/31/12 )
Article: Taiwanese America’s Best Dance Crew: Interview with Instant Noodles Crew
Just cause they’re the only Taiwanese American dance crew doesn’t mean that they can’t still legitimately be our favorite Taiwanese American dance crew. Right?  (Instant Noodles Interview Video Part 2)

Bong Joon-ho (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 3/12/10 )
Article: Hanging on the Knife’s Edge: interview with Bong Joon-ho
Bong Joon-ho talks about the dualities of truth and fabrication, sanity and insanity, love and murder, in his latest film Mother.

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Richard Wong (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 10/26/2012)
Article: Movie about Sex: Interview with Yes, We’re Open director Richard Wong
Asia Pacific Arts talks to Richard Wong about filming boom-boom-boom sex, free-flowing sex, versus hot sex in his latest comedy about adults exploring open relationships.

H.P. Mendoza (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 10/8/2012)
Article: Not Darkness, Not Night: Interview with I Am a Ghost’s H.P. Mendoza
Asia Pacific Arts talks to director H.P. Mendoza about coming to terms with his reputation as “the music guy,” turning a cheerful hotel into a haunted Japanese Victorian house, and frightening audiences with the terror of nothing.

Ivan Shaw (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 9/19/2012)
Article: Easy, Breezy Love: Interview with Almost Perfect’s Ivan Shaw
Ivan Shaw talks to Asia Pacific Arts about making Kelly Hu laugh, out-dancing the grip, and playing a knight in shining armor.

Daniel Henney and Daniel Hsia (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 5/31/12)
Article: Expat Awakening: Interview with Shanghai Calling’s Daniel Hsia and Daniel Henney
The two Daniels (writer/director Hsia and actor Henney) share their own experiences as Asian Americans living abroad in Asia and joke about the discrimination that handsome actors face when being cast for comedies.

Kimberly Rose-Wolter (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 5/8/12)
Article: The Dynamics of Love: Interview with Kimberly-Rose Wolter
The writer, producer, and lead actress of Knots talks to Asia Pacific Arts about giving a voice to dynamic women, showcasing numerous sides of Hawaii, and starting conversations about the traditions (and hopefully, future evolutions) of marriage.

2011 San Diego Asian Film Festival Videos (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 10/29/11 )
In honor of SDAFF’s America’s Best Dance Crew panel, Asia Pacific Arts asks: What is your signature dance move?
In honor of SDAFF’s annual karaoke competition, Asia Pacific Arts asks: What is your favorite karaoke song?
In honor of all the love stories playing at SDAFF this year, Asia Pacific Arts asks: If you could cast any Asian or Asian American actors in a film together, who would be your dream romantic pairing?

Byron Q (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 6/14/11 )
Article: Gangster Dreams: Interview with Bang Bang director Byron Q.
Byron Q.’s gritty new film about youth, class, and gang culture won him a Best First Feature award at the 2011 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

Shawn Ku (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 6/4/11 )
Article: Complications of Fear: an interview with Beautiful Boy writer/director Shawn Ku
Shawn Ku’s Beautiful Boy stars Maria Bello and Michael Sheen as parents forced to deal with the aftermath of a campus shooting caused by their son.

Kumail Nanjiani, Nick Vatterott, and Duncan Trussell (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 9/14/12 )
Article: Behind the Scenes with Kumail Nanjiani, Nick Vatterott, and Duncan Trussell
After their successful “Comedy Central Campus” show at USC, Asia Pacific Arts caught stand-up comedians Kumail Nanjiani, Nick Vatterott, and Duncan Trussell for a backstage interview — where they basically told us a lot of lies.

Aditya Assarat (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 4/6/11 )
Article: Berlinale 2011: Interview with director Aditya Assarat
Based on director Aditya Assarat’s life, Hi-So is about a young man who grew up in both Thailand and the US, but doesn’t quite feel at home in either place.

Yoshihiro Fukagawa (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 4/7/11 )
Article: Berlinale 2011: interview with director Yoshihiro Fukagawa
Starring Horikita Maki, Kôra Kengo, and Funakoshi Eiichiro, Yoshihiro Fukagawa’s Into the White Night (Byakuyakô) is a film adaptation of a well-known crime story by Keigo Higashino.

Francis Xavier Pasion (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 3/11/11 )
Article: Berlinale 2011: Interview with director Francis Xavier Pasion
A group of children who harvest and sell the Philippine national flower share their stories — with the help of director Francis Xavier Pasion and cameraman Neil Daza.

Inception red carpet (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 7/15/10 )
Article: Mind-Bending with Ken Watanabe and Dileep Rao: An Inception Red Carpet Video
APA catches actors Ken Watanabe and Dileep Rao at the Los Angeles premiere of Inception, which took place at Mann’s Chinese Theatre on July 13.

Lin Yu Chun (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 7/6/10 )
Article: A Countertenor Touches Our Hearts: An Interview with Lin Yu Chun
YouTube internet sensation Lin Yu Chun sings at Dodgers Stadium for Taiwan Day.

P.K.14 (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 6/10/10 )
Article: Evolution of Rock: an interview with P.K.14
Beijing rock band P.K.14 visits Los Angeles and talks to Asia Pacific Arts about experimenting with sound, playing to foreign audiences, and mixing business with art.

Carsick Cars (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 6/4/10 )
Article: Talking and Listening: an interview with Carsick Cars
Beijing band Carsick Cars talks to Asia Pacific Arts about performing in America, writing songs in multiple langauages, and being inspired by Velvet Underground.

Will Tiao and Tzi Ma (published on Asia Pacific Arts; 3/7/10 )
Article: Taiwan Conspiracy: Interview with Formosa Betrayed’s Will Tiao and Tzi Ma
From grass-roots fundraising to recreating ’80s Taiwan, APA chats with actor/producer Will Tiao and Tzi Ma about their Hollywood thriller, Formosa Betrayed.

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