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How ‘bad guy’ roles have evolved for people of color

As calls for a more diverse Hollywood grows, actors of color are getting opportunities to play more iconic “bad guy” roles.

A mash-up of Asian harvest holidays gets the hip-hop treatment

For these comedy rappers and hip-hop lovers, the best way to celebrate their cultures’ holidays is through a rap battle.

For some in Hollywood, the ‘remake’ is taking on global proportions

A Japanese manga is moving to Seattle for a Netflix adaptation. A Mexican film based on a Bollywood hit was released in the US. Is this the future of film?

Why this musician wants to understand xenophobia today by remembering the past

Five years ago, a white supremacist opened fire in a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Now, small groups are coming together to remember the long history of South Asians in America.

What to say when you’re Asian American and someone calls you ‘exotic’

Paula Williams Madison wasn’t on a panel, but she brought a different take on race to the audience at Asian American ComicCon.


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