Haikus With Hotties






About: Kickstarter: Haikus with Hotties Calendar 2016

We want to make a calendar out of Audrey Magazine’s photo series where we ask hot Asian American men to exchange poetry with us.



NPR’s Code Switch: Got A Second For ‘Haikus With Hotties’? Now You Can Enjoy Them All Year

Kollaboration New York: Catching Up With Ada Tseng and Her Haikus With Hotties

NBC Asian America: ‘Haikus With Hotties’ Wants to Help You Ring in the New Year

NBC Asian America: Inspiration for the Holidays : An ‘Asian-American’ Gift Guide for 2015

Angry Asian Man: Fund This: Haikus With Hotties Calendar 2016

KollabCast Episode 30: How Haikus wih Hotties Happened

LA18’s Halo Halo with Kat Iniba: Peter and Yoshi Sudarso talks frolicking in the water for Ada Tseng’s Haiku with Hotties calendar




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