Who Won the Title of Supreme Asian Chef at the Vegas Culinary Battles Finale?













By Ada Tseng

After East Coast and West Coast semi-final competitions in Atlantic City and Los Angeles, the quest for Culinary Battles 2014: Supreme Asian Chef culminated in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, where the four finalists competed in the final showdown on April 26, 2014.

The two chefs representing the East Coast were Culinary Institute of America – New York student Jay Cho of Coma Food Truck, which brought Korean/Mexican fusion food to Vancouver, and Dave Park, who has plans to open his first restaurant hanbun in Chicago that will showcase Korean street food with a modern twist.

The West Coast competitors were Seoul Sausage Company’s Chris Oh, a self-trained LA chef known for winning numerous cooking competitions including The Great Food Truck Race, Knife Fight and Cutthroat Kitchen, and Perry Cheung of Phorage, a classic Vietnamese restaurant in Los Angeles known for its locally-grown and sustainable ingredients.

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The Comedy Might of 18MMW


18 Mighty Mountain Warriors, known for its incisive humor taking on Asian and Asian American topics, celebrates its 20th anniversary year.


An 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors creative brainstorming session may not be what one would expect from such a zany, boisterous Asian American comedy team. As Greg Watanabe and Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle discuss possible new sketch ideas for their upcoming show in San Diego, topics include the recent affirmative action bill in California; China’s growing influence on Hollywood contrasted with the fear-inspiring headlines about China in American media; Cambodian refugee communities that have come to the U.S. through San Diego’s military bases; and even the Korean “comfort women.”

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