2018 Stories for NBC News Asian America and Center of Asian American Media

Yoshi Sudarso portrays an Indonesian American who returns to Indonesia years after his father's killing.

To play an Asian-American cowboy, actor Yoshi Sudarso needed to go to Indonesia (NBC News)

“Westerns are such a big part of American culture. But as Asian Americans, we never see ourselves in them.”


Ricky He is love interest in new Disney musical remake of “Freaky Friday” (CAAM)

Ricky He didn’t originally audition for the romantic lead role.


Kids learn how to stand up for themselves in “Always Anjali” by Sheetal Sheth (CAAM)

The actress is best known for her work in film and web series, but she’s also dedicated much of her life to youth and working with students. Her debut children’s book, a first in a series, is about an Indian American girl named Anjali.


Meet the Asian and Asian American Nominees for the 2018 Oscars! (CAAM)

We speak to Kazuhiro Tsuji, Ru Kuwahata, Ramsey Naito, and Ren Klyce about their work that earned them Oscar nominations this year.



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