Interview with Yes, We’re Open director Richard Wong

A Movie about Sex

Asia Pacific Arts talks to Richard Wong about filming boom-boom-boom sex, free-flowing sex, versus hot sex in his latest comedy about adults exploring open relationships.

by Ada Tseng

Luke (Parry Shen) and Sylvia (Lynn Chen) like to think of themselves as a very modern (i.e. liberal, mature, open-minded, and all-around admirable) couple. Especially when they compare themselves to their recently-married friends, Scott (Tasi Alabastro) and Cassy (Theresa Navarro), who don’t seem to retain their own individual identities in their relationship; who would actually own the book, Why the Democrats Are Killing America, when they all live in the progressive city of San Francisco; who are barely adventurous enough to double-dip, let alone try Luke’s signature “weird food” that only a really modern culinary foodie could whip up in the kitchen.

After their sex life starts to become routine, Luke and Sylvia discuss the possibility of having an open relationship. While they are busy being proud of themselves for their honesty, Cassy and Scott introduce them to their friends Elena (Sheetal Sheth) and Ronald (Kerry McCrohan) — a winsome couple that looks like they might just be able to out-cook their weird food, out-wit their political banter, and out them as a couple that’s not quite open-minded enough to go through with an open relationship.

Yes, We’re Open is Richard Wong’s third feature film, after 2006’s Colma: The Musical and 2008’s Option 3. The script is written by Wong’s frequent collaborator H.P. Mendoza, who won an award for Best Screenplay at the 2012 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

APA talks to Richard Wong about the making of Yes, We’re Open.

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