How Did Tim Jo Get That Scar On His Head?

(Alternate Blog Title: How I Wrote Tim Jo’s Journey to LA as a Real-Life Bollywood Story/Korean Melodrama)

Audrey Behind-the-Scenes Extras: Tim Jo’s self-described “incredible” story of how he got to Los Angeles.

by Ada Tseng

It took a baseball bat to his head – literally – for Jo to take the leap of faith that would kick-start his professional acting career.

“Just give me 10 years,” Tim Jo told his mother, when she gave him her blessing to move to Los Angeles. “Maybe I’ll be on TV or something.”

Tim Jo was always a good kid. Growing up in Texas and Poland as the token Asian boy, he had his share of innocent rebellions – hanging out with the skaters, growing his hair out long, listening to punk music that his parents didn’t understand – but he wasn’t the type of son who risk worrying his mom and dad by impulsively moving to Hollywood if they did not approve.

After he graduated college, he was going to pursue acting the responsible way. He would stay close to home and chase local performing opportunities in Austin and Dallas. He would further his studies by earning a Master of Fine Arts in Theater.

Without two back-to-back strokes of bad luck, he might have stayed in Texas.
Click here to read the rest of the story.


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