5 Dance Workouts for People Who Can’t Dance

You can dance to Bollywood music too! - PHOTO COURTESY OF DOONYA

5 Dance Workouts for People Who Can’t Dance

by Ada Tseng, for Public Spectacle, LA Weekly’s Arts & Culture Blog

All it takes is one hour of a K-pop dance class, surrounded a room of high school students who must have already practiced the music video routine in their parents’ living rooms, to confirm what your body already knew: If the music’s right, you can bounce from side to side (or jump up and down like a crazy person) with the best of them, but if choreography’s involved, you, for the love of Shakira, cannot dance.

But nowadays, dance fitness programs (Zumba being the most popular) are trying to convince us that, yes, we can dance and we can burn 600-1000 calories doing simple moves that are accessible to all types of fitness enthusiasts, even if we don’t know what a chasse is and, truthfully, don’t even want to know.

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