APA Top Ten: Holiday Songs from Asia (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 12/12/08)
Wishing you a happy holidays, APA presents our top ten Asian holiday songs.

APA Top Ten: Joseph Kahn music videos (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 10/17/08)
On the occasion of Britney Spears’ new “Womanizer” video, APA recounts director Joseph Kahn’s top ten music videos.

APA Top Ten: Non-Asian themed movies directed by Asian Americans (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 9/19/08)
Wayne Wang’s return to Asian-themed filmmaking reminds us of his (and others’) past accomplishments in Hollywood and the American indie scene, turning out great films few would guess were made by Asian Americans.

APA Top Ten: Aasif Mandvi News Reports (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 9/5/08)
On the occasion of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, we recount Aasif Mandvi’s best moments as a Daily Show senior political correspondent.

SFIAAFF 2008: Mobility and Marketability (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 3/21/08)
As Hollywood and Asian film companies are learning how to work together to thrive in a modern global marketplace, Ted Kim, Andrew Ooi, and Daniel Wu discuss the potential for Asian Americans to juggle both sides of the Pacific.

Who the Hell is Daniel Henney? (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 3/7/08)
This is an analysis of a really good-looking man named Daniel Henney and his potential to shatter preconceived notions of Asian American men in America.

Best of 2007: Asian American Films (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 1/4/08)
APA recaps the year in Asian American cinema with its second annual top 10.

Discovering Kim Young-han (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 11/30/07)
Published over a decade after its 1996 Korean debut, the English-translation of Kim Young-ha’s first novel I Have the Right to Destroy Myself sheds light on Kim’s beginnings in the Korean literature scene.

Big Fish and Bigger Dreams (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 08/24/07)
Anupama Chopra’s latest book King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema encapsulates all that is endlessly fascinating about the man and the movies.

Backstage Pass (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 6/29/07)
The behind-the-scenes genre has been popular recently, from Entourage to Studio 60 and the Sunset Strip to 30 Rock. APA takes a look at how Asian Americans are playing with the format and adding a unique perspective in works such as Justin Lin’s Finishing the Game and David Henry Hwang’s Yellow Face.

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