Great Expectatons of a Slumdog Millionaire (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 11/14/08)
Director Danny Boyle and writer Simon Beaufoy know it takes more than money to make your heart sing.

Muslim Pride (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 8/08/08)
Gay and lesbian Muslims struggle to reconcile their homosexuality with their faith in Parvez Sharma’s documentary A Jihad for Love.

Impact in One Act (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 5/16/08)
The Thumping Claw One Act Series comes back for its second year, showcasing original stories from four notable Asian American playwrights: Julia Cho, Michael Golamco, Lloyd Suh, and Carla Ching.

Being Richard Wong (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 4/18/08)
First comes confusion, then comes curiosity and questions that director Richard Wong and co. would rather not answer. Option 3 takes us into a man’s chaotic head after a traumatic breakup.

Cuz of You (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 4/18/08)
Director Amyn Kaderali gathered a comically-inventive ensemble cast in his debut film Kissing Cousins.

The Second Life of Gene Yang (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 2/22/08)
After an award-winning year in 2006, American Born Chinese creator Gene Yang continues to build an audience for graphic novels, one lecture at a time.

The Principal and His Players (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 10/5/07)
Torment and obsession both create and become the art in the hands of director Ang Lee — whose latest film Lust, Caution explores sexuality and occupation in wartime Shanghai.

Dreams of Our Fathers (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 4/17/09)
Innocent When You Dream — starring Sab Shimono, Emily Kuroda and writer Ken Narasaki — explores a nisei man’s untold past, to tell a story about what we can never know about our parents.

Being David Henry Hwang (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 6/8/07)
Writing yourself into your own play: brave, self-indulgent, clever, convenient, or unabashedly all of the above? David Henry Hwang blurs the line of reality and fiction in his latest show, Yellow Face.

Expatriate Games (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 5/11/07)
Alice Greenway’s debut novel — a story about two sisters living in Hong Kong during the Cultural Revolution — took home a First Fiction award at the 2007 Los Angeles Festival of Books.

Canine Courage (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 5/11/07)
Cynthia Kadohata — whose children’s novel Kira-kira won her a Newbery Medal in 2005 — writes from the point of view of a Vietnam war scout dog in her latest book: Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam.

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