Fear and Loathing in Bombay (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 5/11/07)
The writing and conceptualization of Vikram Chandra’s latest novel Sacred Games took him into the criminal underworld of Bombay where he discovered a story of epic proportions.

Children of the Revolution (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 12/6/06)
Already a cult hit around the world and India’s submission this year for the Oscar foreign language nomination, Rang De Basanti will be re-released in US theaters in March with an edit specifically for American foreign film audiences. APA interviews director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.

It’s About to Shine Brighter on Studio 60 (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 12/6/06)
Camille Chen went from commercials and guest roles to landing a coveted re-occuring spot on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, where she plays a featured player on the show-within-a-show and gets to share screentime with such TV veterans as Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, and DL Hughley.

Journeying with Red Doors: An interview with Jacqueline Kim (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 9/21/06)
Jacqueline Kim talks to APA about her experience shooting and promoting Georgia Lee’s indie film Red Doors, as well as her own transition from actress to filmmaker.

Dancing in the Moonlight (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 9/19/06)
Poised to become a cult favorite amongst dorky-cool musical appreciators, Colma: The Musical has been getting rave reviews and festival buzz, picking up two Jury Prize Awards along the way (at the SFIAAF and VC Film Festival). APA talks to director Richard Wong about the concept to conception.

Interview with Mora Stephens: Caught in the Crossfire (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 3/30/06)
Director Mora Stephens discusses the making of her Independent Spirit Award-winning film “The Conventioneers” — an opposites-attract love story that captures the simmering intensity and underlying resentment of our current red/blue political divide.

Emily Kuroda: The Trained Thespian behind Gilmore Girls’ Mrs. Kim (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 6/8/05)
So who is the actress behind this one-of-a-kind character? A respected theater veteran. APA talks to Emily Kuroda — who in real life, thank goodness, doesn’t resemble the intense, intimidating character that she portrays onscreen.

Lovin’ the Lynn (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 4/14/05)
APA chats with Lynn Chen, one-half of the first ever Asian-American lesbian duo in a theatrically released feature film: “Saving Face,” Alice Wu’s anticipated directorial debut, which also stars lovely ladies Joan Chen and Michelle Krusiec.

Finding Daniel Dae Kim (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 1/14/05)
Not enough three-dimensional roles for Koreans? This actor promises that all is not lost.

Interview with Michael Hong (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 10/15/04)
APA speaks with Michael Hong, the impressive man behind the plan and CEO of ImaginAsian Entertainment, Inc.

Don Lee’s Country of Origin (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 9/1/04)
Writer Don Lee talks candidly about his hard-core construction skills, the inspirations behind his book, and the many many nights he spent frolicking around Tokyo researching their sex industry. Just kidding–one of those isn’t true.

Wenda Gu: Weaving Humanity Together, One Strand At a Time (published in Asia Pacific Arts; 8/19/04)
Chinese contemporary artist and activist shares his inspiration behind using human bodily materials in his art, discusses the need to reinvigorate old traditions, and reflects on the controversy that comes with his unconventional ideas.

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